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My Approach

The aim of counselling a is to set people free from ways of living that are no longer serving them.

I hold a Professional Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling and I am a member of UKCP & BACP.  As an integrative therapist, I tailor my approach to you and work collaboratively, based on our relationship and combined resources.  

I draw on a range of approaches such as Person-centred, Psychodynamic, Jungian, Existential and Self-psychology, and Systemic therapies.  This means I put your self-knowledge and experiences as central to our work.  I can offer knowledge of relational psychodynamics, attachment theory, exploration of meaning in life in your wider social systems, as well as how this can become trapped and affect your body.  

However, it is our relationship that is at the heart of my work. Indeed research shows that it is this that is the most important ingredient in counselling.  If you can feel increasingly safe in our relationship, you may find you can more deeply explore, experience, trust, and assert your needs. In turn, it becomes easier to brave being more honest and compassionate with yourself and others.  This is where true growth and change begins.  I would invite you to take time to find a therapist whom you feel safe with and experience a connection with and this is something we will often explore in our sessions.

I offer both short term and longer counselling work and aim to work as creatively as you feel useful. I offer a range of mediums and environments in my practice, from the use of art in our work to more traditional talking therapy.

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